Sunday, May 20, 2007

Crazy Dad!!

Travis is such a wonderful dad!! Travis and Ellie have a tendency to "but heads" some of the time, but when they play better watch out, they are so crazy. Yesterday we spent another wonderful afternoon swimming at my Nana and Poppa's house. Travis had purchased a bunch of water toys. He bought a really great water gun that can soak the people at the other end of the swimming pool. He also bought these "splash bombs". They are balls that soak up a bunch of water but they don't sink. When you throw them, they make a huge splash!! I was laughing so hard as I watched Ellie and Travis fight it out with the splash bombs. My dad then got involved and these balls were flying hard and fast. I can't help but smile a huge smile when I see how he plays with the girls. He really loves them and they sure love him.
This picture was when Travis and Ellie came off the Rip Roaring Rapids ride at San Diego Sea World a few weeks ago....the two of them had such a great time. Ellie went on the ride 3 times... It was great fun!!

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amber said...

CARLY! i'm so glad you commented. I've thought about you often ("aren't the Aus from the bay area?--i wonder if carly is around here?") so I'm thrilled to touch base! We're down in palo alto--i can't believe you're so nearby. I love belmont (and i have a good friend who lives there, so i go up now and then). Give me your email address (mine is, and we'll set up a time tp get together. Hooray!