Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Disneyland Facepainting

In October we went to Disneyland!! We went to the Halloween Party and we let the kids get their faces painted before we got them dressed up! It was a little expensive, but I have to say that it was so worth it! They did amazing jobs! The kids loved their finished product! And my fantastic sister-in-law got some great pictures!!

Fall Leaves

During the fall, our tree drops the best leaves. They are huge and have great colors! I love to take pics of the kids in the leaves!! They are a major pain to rake up and Travis really does most of the hard work!

Amazing balloon art!!

we went out to dinner one night, and there was a balloon artist there. he was amazing. He could do anything and they weren't just your standard balloon art. They were so unique and creative. He did sleeping beauty for Aeryn, Tinkerbell for ellie, and Xander got Buzz Lightyear! I would hire him for a party! He was awesome!!


During the summer I bought the Wicked Soundtrack and we have been listening to it on a regular basis. Aeryn will hide under my computer desk, with the Wicked music on, and use a can of refried beans as her microphone. So cute to see! She knows all the words to the song.

So, we decided to take the kids to San Francisco and visit Grandma and Grandpa and then take Aeryn and Ellie to see Wicked at the Orpheum. It was Aeryn's birthday week so it was a big treat! We rode BART up to the theatre and the kids had soooo much fun! Aeryn wants to go back and see it again!! It ended up that my parents gave us the tickets for my birthday and it was the best birthday gift ever :)!! My mom even came with us and the kids were in heaven!

Why do my kids hate taking pictures? They make the most grumpy faces ever :)

Of course, Dorothy shoes had to be worn!!

Our new Kitty...that we got in October!

So, just a little behind in updating the blog. Nothing new :)!! In October, we got a little orange tabby cat. His name is Tiger and is so sweet! We have really loved having him in our family!

This picture is next to a beanie baby size stuffed animal just so you could see how small he was. We got him when he was 6 weeks old. He is much bigger now.

The kids loved snuggling with him so much! He would sleep on anyones laps. He still loves to snuggle when he sleeps.