Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Big Day!!

Well I don't have a picture of the ultrasound because our scanner is not working, but I thought I'd make the big announcement anyway!! Well, we are having a ....BOY!! Can you believe that? Both Travis and I were shocked because we pretty much thought it was going to be a girl. We are very excited...a little nervous and overwhelmed. I mean, I know girls, I know a boy will be fabulous, but I know how to do deal with girls!!

The other thing was that Ellie had to go and get all her shots updated so we can send in the Kindergarten paperwork for the fall. She was so brave. She had to get a TB test and then 3 shots. She didn't even cry. You could see that she wanted to. But we went to Toys R Us afterwards and she was able to pick out one thing. She chose a barbie doll that you hook into your IPod and it a speaker for your ipod and the barbie also mouths along like she is singing. This really took the "sting" away. The sweetest thing was that Ellie really wanted to get a little present for Aeryn while we were at the store (Aeryn was home taking a nap). We got a little balllet dancing polly pockets, by Ellie's choice. I know they make each other crazy, but they sure do love each other!!

A boy.....oh my!!


Judy said...

Congratulations! Boys are snakes & snails & puppy dog tails, or something like that! Or maybe sticks & stones, or all of the above!!

Love, mom

Melissa said...

Boys are absolutely fabulous...i'm sure Allison would agree about this! Girls are wonderful too, but its so fun having both. CONGRATS CONGRATS CONGRATS we are SOOOOOOOOO excited for you!!