Friday, May 4, 2007

Close Encounter!!

Today we went to the San Francisco Zoo. Travis only work a part day and the girls were anxious. So we decided to renew our Zoo Membership and go up to the zoo. We went over to visit the Gorilla's. We went to a window area to see the gorilla's. One of the gorilla's...we think a female....came up to the window.

She put it's hands up to the window and I put my hands on hers. The kids got nervous and backed away. She would stick out her tongue and shake it all around. I can't tell you the amazing feeling of being so close....even though their was glass between us. She stayed with us for about 5 minutes then other people started coming over...of course, and we did the gorilla!! It was so cool!!

This is probably the only proof that Travis and I were there. I find that I spend so much time photographing the kids that I forget about us. In the this picture, the giraffes were right behind us. The girls thought they were very facinating. The giraffes were eating from the trees right close to where we were! I kept thinking this was one of the coolest days at the zoo...the animals seemed much more interactive.

We went to the petting zoo while we were there. There was one goat, with big horns, that was greedy for the goat food that we had. He kept banging Aeryn in the head with his horns. We quickly got away from him. Aeryn then found the love of her life, a goat named Rose. She let Aeryn pet her, brush her, and even hug her and you can see here. At one point Aeryn told me..."I love Rose." It was so cute!! Rose actually was a very sweet goat. She sure liked having her hair brushed.

I let Ellie chose which picture she wanted of herself. This wouldn't have been my favorite choice, but she wanted everyone know how much she enjoyed her first Twinkie. Sad thing, and I shouldn't even admit this, I had to bribe her with a Twinkie to get some cute photo's. She would turn away everytime that I tried to get a photo, hence the Twinkie bribe!! I guess mother's do crazy things sometimes...even use Twinkies!!


alliatwood said...

Those gorilla pics are amazing! I love it when the animals are out and about. It makes to zoo so much more fun!

Melissa said...

those are great stories about Rose and the twinkies! It's okay, I bribe my kids for pictures ALL THE TIME....what we do for a cute scrapbook page!!!!

Rob Au said...

Carly... you must be the missing link... the gorilla whisperer... the ape woman! That gorilla may be your long lost cousin... Oh wait! That would make it my long lost cousin. AHHHHHHHHHHH I am ape man!