Saturday, March 14, 2009

Birds and the Bee's Talk comes sooner than I expected!

Last night, while driving to dinner with my three kids (Travis was at school taking a physiology test....which he got a 100% on, by the way), we were enjoying some fun tunes on the radio. I wasn't really paying attention and some commercial was on....not sure exactly what it was for....and I happened to hear the word sexy in the commercial.

Next thing I know, Ellie, my 6 year old, who is in first grade, announces that sexy is a bad word. And so is the word sex. Very intrigued by this announcement, I asked her where she learned these words. She told me from some girls at school, who will not be named here on my protect their identities :). I then proceeded to ask her if she knew what that meant....well guess what, yes she did. She tells myself and Aeryn, my four year old and Xander...but he is only 18 months, and really interested in what sex means. Anyways, she tells me that is when a boy and girl take off their close and touch each other's privates. I told her that was a pretty good definition but that the most important part was that sex should only occur between a mommy and daddy who are married!! She seemed okay with that. I also had to inform her that this was not information that she should

sharing with other kids at school. I could just imagine the phone calls I will be getting if Ellie starts sharing with all the other first graders that she knows what sex is. She already knows correct terminology for the male and female reproductive parts and I truly hope that doesn't come back to bite me in the butt.....or sting me...................

I am fine with learning new things, but to add a real kicker, she adds that she thinks she learned a bad word and doesn't want to say it but will try to spell it....she says she is not sure what how, but she'll try.....F U X.....any guesses as to what that is. What is truly funny about this story is that I don't swear...even a little...I think the worst thing I say is crap. So after a long conversation and HUGE reminder not to teach that to other kids, I think we have opened a wonderful door of communication that will help us in the many years to come.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Aeryn gets glasses!!

Look at that pose...where did she learn that!!

The other day we found out that Aeryn is farsighted. She was so brave at the doctor's office getting drops in her eyes and having the doctor look in her eyes with big machines. She was so excited to get her glasses and we went and picked them up today. She wanted me to post these pics on the blog, for everyone to see!!