Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Our New Puppy - Dex!!!

Here is our cute puppy, dex. He is a rat terrier and very sweet. He loves to snuggle and loves to play with his tug of war rope!! He loves the kids which is so nice. Even Xander. We are working on potty training and we are finally having a good day...thanks to crate training!! I am grateful for friends who have done it before because I felt overwhelmed!

Sleeping with Ellie and Aeryn!

He is 8 lbs. and just a little guy! So much work, but sooooo cute!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

We got a dog!!

So after the kids saw "Hotel for Dogs", they have been begging for a dog. If you haven't seen the movie it was so cute, you really should. Anyways, we promised them we would look into. We went to Pets Smart today and one of the local shelters had their dogs there for adoption. We search and search and saw a little rat terrier....I had not looked at them on the internet, due to their name...rat...who wants a dog with rat in their name. So, anyways, when we got there, the dog was really cute and wasn't yapping and barking like the rest of the they got it out for us and let us play with it...the kids loved it, especially Xander. He is 4 months old and was rescued from a not so great owner....but he is a really sweet dog. He is getting "altered" and we will bring him home on monday. I don't have any pics, but the pic at the top is one that looks alot like him....we are still working on a fun!!

I also found this explanation on the internet about these kind of dogs...."The rat terrier is a famed farm helper and companion. As their name implies, they were excellent ratters on farms and made fantastic hunting companions.

They are a more rare breed today because the breed died out quite a bit due to the invention of pesticides in the 20s - 40s used on farms.

They are often mistaken for a Jack Russell Terrier, although they never have a wiry coat, they are finer boned, have a more refined head, and are considerably less aggressive.

All-in-all, they are typical terriers, loving to explore and tear around the yard, but they also love to lounge around with their owners."

Thursday, January 15, 2009

A photo montage of the last few months :)

My Sister and I while painting our house...what a great help our families were!!

We went up to the canyon and had a was sooooo fun and so beautiful.

We went up the canyon another time with my sis and her fam and took some great family pics...I loved it...we are doing this every year instead of a studio, they turned out great!

Isn't he so stinkin' cute!!

What a cute couple :)

Those silly girls, they love to get their pictures taken, especially if they chose their own outfits..I just give then a color theme and they do pretty good :)

See any family resemblance...I love my sis...she is my best friend, I am so glad that we live so close and that our lives are so intertwined!!! Sister-Thanks for being so great to me!

My sister and I tried to make fudge for the first time....we used an Alton Brown recipe from the food turned out horribly, but we had so much fun!!

Aeryn at her preschool Christmas was sooo cute! She even got to say a line from the "night before christmas poem" in the microphone and she loved that!

Playing in the snow in our backyard...they loved going out in the snow

We tried making a snowman but the snow was too dry it wouldn't even stick together in a little snowball. Our snow man turned into a snow lump with leaves for eyes and mouth and a carrot nose. It was so pathetic, but the girls loved it!!
Christmas morning...thanks Grandma for the awesome jammies, everyone was so warm and snuggly. We had a wonderful for Christmas. Ellie even told me she wanted to write Santa a letter to tell him thank you for the wonderful sweet, huh?

These are from Christmas Eve. We went to my sister's and had tri tip, scalloped potatoes, veggies, yummy was so fun and the kids enjoy hanging out!!

Everybody showing off their new jammies...squishing Ellie!!
On New Years Day we went sledding with my Sister's family and my parents...the kids got new sleds for Christmas and they were so excited to try them out. Even Xander loved it.
My dad trying to put a little more air in the inner tube...what a good Grandpa!
Grandma hanging out with Xander!!
Ellie was the queen of going down the hill...she just kept sliding down and then hiking back up....over and over without ever complaining...what a good girl. Aeryn had the best time...she would go down the hill with someone and then they would just pull her in the sled back up the hill...she never ever walked up the hill and she loved that!!

I know this was sort of a Peterson photo overload...but hopefully now I can keep slightly up to date...probably not, but it is worth a try!!