Sunday, July 15, 2007

I hate bubblegum!!!

When i got home from work the other day...we got Aeryn up from her nap and she had a big wad of gum in her hair. No one has any idea where it came from. She didn't have any gum when she went down for her nap. Travis was a wonderful dad and got out the ice and very patiently got the gum out with very little cutting. i was ready to get the scissors at the start and cut out the gum. Thank heavens for Travis' patience!! He is a really good dad!!

Look at that disgusting blob of gum!!! ARGHHHH!!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Playing with Paints

Ellie had been begging Travis to build her a bird house!! This weekend he finally did. I enjoyed teasing him because he didn't just throw some wood together, everything is to the square and measured exactly!! I love his perfectionism. While I was at work the girls painted them.

This is Ellie's birdhouse!! She was so proud of her bright colors!!

This is Aeryn's birdhouse! I was stressed about paints getting every where while she painted!

They also found some face paints and when I got home they asked me to paint their faces. I couldn't resist.

Ellie wanted to be a butterfly and Aeryn wanted to be a doggie!! The little doggie then chased the butterfly around the house!! I even let them sleep with their face paint....but the next morning it was church. We woke up late and still had to clean their faces before was a little bit of a pain!!