Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Another ultrasound!!

Today I had to have another ultrasound because they were getting some distorted images of the brain yesterday. I have this large piece of mesh in my abdomen from a hernia repair I had after Aeryn's delivery. The ultrasound tech and the radiologist were having a lot of trouble getting good images. They think they got what they needed today, but I practically had to stand on my head for them to be able to ultrasound around the mesh ;)

They told me that I was the first person that they have ever had to ultrasound through the mesh and it was causing some distortions. I was there for an hour yesterday and then another hour and 15 minutes today. But the great thing was that they felt bad and made me a DVD of parts of the ultrasound. I am trying to put a few on my blog to day so you can see.

Here is a photo showing that this is a boy. I hope you can see that this is our little boy. Today the girls have started calling the baby their brother!! Aeryn, this morning, was yelling into my belly button...."baby brother, baby brother, wake up!!!" It was very cute!!


Melissa said...

Robbie made me watched this sooo many times! I don't think he quite understood what we were looking at but liked seeing the occasional arm. (thats all he could recognize)

Rob Au said...

It's the cutest alien/monster I've ever seen! Ahhhhhhh. I love it. I remember with Robbie and Lauren I thought they were so cute in the ultra sound... but when all you are seeing is mostly bone, they kind of look like little monsters! Congratulations!

alliatwood said...

YEAH ... a boy. We are now evened up!