Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I am finally updating my blog!!

So it has been a long while since I have time to blog. We have officially moved to Utah (June 13) and we are living in our house in Provo. It is nice to be back. We are enjoying our space and especially being able to work on the house and get things back in order. We have painted the girls room and put these cut wall stickers up...they have a tinkerbell room. I'll take photo's and post them. It really turned out cute. We are working on our room, putting up baseboard and then we'll be painting. Plus Travis has been putting a lot of work in to making the yard look a little better. We wanted to do a lot of stuff to the house when we moved in, but we weren't able to, and now we have been taking the time. :) Ellie starts school on the 18th of it feels like summer is already on its way out :). We found a preschool for Aeryn that should be great for her. Travis starts school on August 27th where he will be doing a few prereqs before he applies for the nursing program!! I guess that I rubbed off on him...he thinks what I do is great and that he would really love the schedule. So we are on the long hall of going back to school. So here are photo's from the last month :)!!!

These are in no order...some are sideways...because I am in a hurry and forgot to rotate them :)

This is from Ellie's end of school party with her best friend Anna!! They were so excited to get their hair colored!!

We went bowling here in Utah the other week. During the afternoons, it is free shoes and the kids each get a free round of bowling everyday during the summer!!! They really enjoyed trying to beat their dad.....even though they have bumbers and this cool thing to roll the ball on :)

This is Xander's first big bonk!! He fell over and bumbed his face on our bricks. He looks so cute with his little boo-boo.

Oh yes...Xander has started pulling himself up on stuff. He only gets to his knees but it is amazing how he can scoot himself around a little and then pull up or get into things I don't want him can also see what a mess our house is. We have only moved stuff into the girls room...everything else is in the front room and we are living out of bags/boxes...hopefully not too much longer!!

For Ellie's birthday, she wanted to go to IHOP and get the Horton Hear's a Who breakfast pancakes. We brought Ellie's friend Anna and we went before school started. It was really fun!! The kids were so good and Anna gave Ellie this really cute photo of the two of them and we put it up in her room here!! Thanks Anna!!!

The waitress even brought her ice cream with a candle in it!!

We celebrated her birthday that day at Pump It Up with some school and church friends. It is a place filled with big blow up slides and obstacle courses. The kids had so much fun and boy were they sweaty when we got home :)!!

Ellie even got to sit in the blow up chair

a photo from her birthday breakfast.

Xander ended up getting a cold and was having a lot of wheezing. We took him in to the doctor and he needed a nebulizer. Our doc was worried he was going to be admitted to the hospital because his oxygen saturation was low. Thank goodness that she gave him one more breathing treatment and he did better. We did treatments at home and he just looked so cute!