Saturday, July 9, 2011

Visiting Poppa's Grave

My Poppa,
Robert John,
passed away June 24, 2007
while I was pregnant with 
Xander John Peterson.

We used my grandpa's last name
as Xander's middle name.
He was an amazing man.
When I try to think of how to describe him
I think of one word...
No other word sums up 
who he was.
I hope Xander will learn about my poppa
and try to be like him.

My kids enjoy getting to go to the 
where he is buried.
We brought flowers and just enjoyed being there.
The kids looked around at 
lots of headstones
discovering people who had their same 

Her are the flowers we brought.

the kids in front of poppa's grave

My mom with aeryn and ellie

Robert John

 peaceful time just being together

the view from poppa's grave...
pretty amazing, huh?

 Aeryn Randii Peterson
is named after my uncle Randy.
he passed away when i was pregnant
with her.
He had cancer...
he was too young...
but lived an amazing life.

 He is buried in the mausoleum 
at the same cemetary.
He is quite high, but aeryn wanted to have a picture
in front of where he is buried.
I could barely get his name and her face in the same picture.

The kids loved looking at pictures,
sayings, cards that are on the 
different memorials. 
It was a great experience.
We were able to discuss
how grateful we are for the 
plan of salvation...
for the fact that we can live as 
eternal families...
that this life is not the end...
that families go on forever!!
My kids amaze me with their faith in 
our Savior.

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