Saturday, July 9, 2011

Pacific Coast Beach Trip

While visiting 
grandma and grandpa
we enjoyed sometime out at the coast.
We love the sand
the ocean smell
the bbq and smore's 
and mostly
the big giant sweatshirts to stay warm.
it really was cold.

my little xander!

my sweet aeryn...looking not so sweet!

 I love the look of sand.
you just want to feel it 
squishing between your toes.
then you remember
how much of a pain it is to 
get all that sand off our 
before we get in the car
cause it is
really a 
to get it out of the carpet in the car!

 the waves were awesome!

xander's sweatshirt dress...
i remember being that little
when my poppa's shirts 
touched the floor when i wore them.
i miss those days
and love having them with my babies!

my ellie is 9
turning into a young lady
wishing I could keep her small. 

 other beach moments

the kids love having their dad 
dig a giant whole
then they climb in and someone
gets buried...
up to their chest.
ellie is pretty much standing up
that is how deep the whole was.
she struggled to get out
but she did it!
she is strong.

we couldn't go to the beach 
without smore's.
my kids love to roast marshmallows.
it isn't easy to get them just right.
i used to like them burned,
but now I want them slow roasted...
so the inside gets gooey 
and the outside is perfectly golden.
it takes patience...
something I don't always have...
but when it comes to a 
perfect smore
I'll have patience.

when it was time to go
i looked at xander's feet
man they were dirty
but he had a good day
a very good day!!

1 comment:

Michelle said...

I LOVE it when you blog!!

I am laughing right out loud at Xanderman's feet! Holy smokes - how in the world did they get so dirty on top? That is so funny.

Ellie has such a BEA.U.TI.FUL. face. I just love the close up pictures of her. I'm especially fond of her studious look.

Love you guys! Krystal cried for at least an hour the day that you left. She just couldn't even fathom a few days without her BFF by her side. We're glad you're back. :)

I loved learning about how you chose middle names for Aeryn and Xander. Those are such great, precious treasures.

I'll just keep on enjoying these fabulous posts!