Saturday, July 9, 2011

Muir Woods

We really enjoyed being able to go out to California a couple of weeks ago. 
We took the kids to 
Muir Woods.
Or as Aeryn calls it...
'the redwood forest'.
They LOVE redwood trees and were really excited to get to 
explore the woods all around us.

Doesn't that cute face just melt your heart!
It sure does for me! 
Xander is the sweetest boy ever!
I love him...
he is my baby...
and always will be.

Here are the kids. 
We didn't pack enough warm clothes
and it was a little 
Everyone is wearing either
my sweater
my mom's sweater!

Here is my cutie family!
What a handsome hubby, huh!! 

The kids all climbed inside this 
fallen redwood tree.
The inside was all hollow and they 
thought it was super fun! 

Ellie and Travis with my dad
standing inside of a hollow out
redwood...but it is still standing
They are amazing trees! 

Here is my kids with Grandma, Grandpa, 
and Nana (my kids great-grandma).

I love my hubby!
He is such a good man.
He loves me 
supports me
lotions my feet :)
let's me cry and whine
and holds me when I need it
and when I don't! 

 We did a scavenger hunt throughout 
Muir Woods.
It was really fun.
This is Xander taking charge of the book 
filled with all the directions.
He thinks he can read...
and we let him think that!
Mostly he likes to find the letter 'X'
it is his letter!


Michelle said...

Those trees are HUGE!!

I love all the pictures!

And - yes - that Xander is FOR SURE a heart melter!

Genni said...

I'm so glad you got to go home and take your kids to see all the fun things there. I hope to do the same someday. It looks like you had an awesome time. Love to see pictures of them growing up. You have a beautiful family! :)