Thursday, August 6, 2009

Temple Square!!

We took the kids up the Salt Lake City temple so that we could help my sister with her kids while she was at a wedding. We walked around with the kids and explored all that we could find!! We spent a while exploring the visitors center. It was air conditioned inside the building and boy did that feel good since it was so hot outside!!

There was a really nice water fountain that the kids enjoyed looking at. The color of the water made me just want to jump in right then! But I didn't get crazy and swim in the fountain! :)

In the Visitors Center there is a lot of areas to explore! The kids wanted to spend a lot of time in the space room as they called it. This was the space room and there was this very beautiful statue of Jesus Christ. The kids wanted to just be there, I wonder if they felt the spirit. And then they realized that if you stood closer to the statue, everything you said would echo. That started to get out of control. The kids were making louds jokes to hear them echo. Good thing allison and richard finished up and we left!

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