Thursday, August 6, 2009

Off to Cali!!!

Ellie has celebrate all of her birthdays at her great-grandma's house (Nana) and it has been a very special memory. All the Au side of the family gets together for a summer kick off party. We have food, swimming, and lots of hanging out. Ellie begged us to take her back to California to celebrate again. We couldn't resist and decided to go again. There is nothing better than a child to be able to have the love and influence of a strong family!!

Xander loved hanging out with grandpa...he even fell asleep in grandpa's arms....there is nothing better!!

This is fun Uncle Peter who made all the kids laugh with the new puppet that Ellie got from Nana!!

Ellie was soooo lucky because her great aunt debbie wrote her a song for her birthday! A song about ellie. What was really fun was that Ellie's first grade teacher from Provo, Utah happen to be spending the summer in California and her in-laws were friend with aunt debbie. So Mr. Fackrell, as Ellie calls him, joined in with the song. It was really awesome!!

This is Ellie's best friend from kindergarten in California. It was so wonderful that Anna and her mom could come celebrate with us!! These girls had so much fun, they barely missed a beat!! You would never even know that we moved away!!

So fun!!

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