Saturday, April 19, 2008

New pics!!

So I took Xander to Kiddie Kandid's to get his 6 month pics done....He was so perfect. He smiled perfectly and was so happy! The girl who was taking his pictures thought he was wonderful!! The pictures went really fast, because she could get a great picture with one or two shots!! I don't mean to brag about him...but he really is an amazing baby. He is so layed back...just like his dad, and he is so happy. My favorite is the way that he smiles at his sister's. He LOVES them! He gets so excited everytime they come around and they love him just as much!! I feel like we were really blessed with Xander!!

This is my favorite picture from the bunch. He has the sweetest look in his eyes!

He always turns his head to the side when he is getting flirty with someone. He loved the girl taking his pictures and was giving her the flirty face!!

Doesn't he look like such a big boy....he looks like a school picture. He was sitting on this little stool. He was really cute!! He loved it!


Chelle! said...

Carly, He is absolutely adorable. OH! Those pictures turned out fabulous!!! Thanks for sharing!

j janell cf said...

so cute! i love it!

The Au Family said...

Good natured baby and absolutely adorable!! You really hit the jackpot! Hopefully we can be as lucky! :) Love these pictures! He is very cute!