Tuesday, September 13, 2011

First Day of school!!

The First Day of School...
was a few weeks ago...
and I am just now getting around to 
blogging about it!

I am not going to worry about being 
behind in blogging...
or anything else for that matter...
because life is not a race...right?
it is about enjoying every moment of it!!

Here is my cute Aeryn and Ellie 
with their BFF's
Krystal and Aaron!!
How we love these kids!!!!

My Cute Ellie after having her hair in braids all night!

We went berry picking a few weeks ago!
Boy was it so much fun!

Ellie and her BFF Aaron
did an egg drop science project
at school.
That had to build a contraption
to hold an egg
and then the egg contraption
was dropped from the roof of the school.
They wanted to put it in a jar
of peanut butter
and then inside a box
padded with toilet paper
and then a parachute
to slow it's fall.
It was really fun.

It survived...pretty awesome!!


Michelle said...

Is it weird that I got teary reading this post? Sheesh.

I'm SO grateful to have you guys as friends. Those pictures are the cutest!

I'm still kinda in shock that the egg survived that big "BOOM" crash it made off of the school. ;)

Megan B ♥ said...

ha ha ha! I am SO stealing that egg idea when we have to face it :)