Wednesday, September 1, 2010

First Day of School!!!

I know that I have been a horrible blogger!! My friend Steve reminds me that I haven't posted in like a million years. So I am making a goal to try to stay a little more up to date with my pics and postings :)

There is no better place to start then the first day of school. It is a fun year for us. Since we moved to Spanish Fork...we are in a new school! Ellie is in 3rd Grade and Aeryn is in Kindergarten. Ellie has made lots of friends and she rides her bike to school with a bunch of kids in the neighborhood. It was so funny to watch the long line of bikes and scooters going down my sidewalk as they all headed for school.

Ellie is starting to get a little too cool for pictures before the first day of school...but she still let me take one :)!!

Aeryn started Kindergarten and was so excited to be going to school. The night before school started, I was laying down with her reading stories, and she told me that she wasn't sure she could go to sleep because she was so excited for school to start. She was very specific about how her hair was to be done and what she was going to wear. Luckily she is in class with her BFF Krystal which helped her transition into class very easily. My babies are growing up so fast!!

This is Aeryn and Krystal in their classroom!!

Isn't aeryn's hair so cute!! She loves this 3 barrell curling iron that we have. It makes her hair look really cute!


Genni said...

They are adorable Carly! It's still hard to believe how fast they grow up. I have a 4th grader for heavens sake. I hope they have a great first week of school!

Michelle said...

SO adorable!! I love Ellie's outfit too! I didn't see her the first day. Aeryn's hair looks so amazing with the curls.

I'm so glad Krystal has Aeryn!! We just celebrate inside every time we know that you guys are in Spanish Fork with US!! ;)

Love this neighborhood. I need to get a picture of all the bikes and scooters making the trek to school TO.GETH.ER. Such good kids!

Steve and Dee said...

Glad to see a post! They are getting big.