Sunday, January 27, 2008

7 years!!

Yesterday was our 7 year anniversary!! We were working on a church project so we really didn't do any special things that day!! But it was fun to think that 7 years ago, we were getting married and it was a wonderful day!! Here is a list of my 7 favorite things about Travis:

7. His Goatee
6. He can spell any word that I need....he just says....sound it out....and then he'll tell me how to spell goatee
5. He knows where everything is....Travis, where's my keys, where's Ellie's shoes, where's my lipgloss, where's Xander's blanket, where's Aeryn's school bag.....He always knows where everything is.
4.The way he can make Xander laugh....
3. The way how he loves to spend time with us...his family...and would choose hanging out with us over anything else!!
2. The way he supports me and gives me loving encouragement!!

and Number 1. That is he is so patient and loving towards me....I always know that he loves me just by the way he looks at me.

I don't mean to gush over my husband but I am very happy that I married him.

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Michelle said...

Carly, you did marry an amazing man--but he did marry an amazing gal!!! I was a witness of how wonderful he was when he set up our entire camp at YW camp without even complaining!!!! You are lucky to have a wonderful guy!!! Oh, congratulation on 7 wonderful years!!!