Friday, August 31, 2007

Ellie Started Kindergarten!!

Wednesday was Ellie's official first day of school!! She has a wonderful teacher who Ellie seemed to feel comfortable with very quickly. I think I was more nervous and anxious about her starting school than she was. I was able to go with her on the first day for an orientation, but then on thursday I had to drop her off. I thought I would cry, but amazingly I didn't. I did miss her and feel sad to have her gone, but I have to admit that I got a whole lot of things done with her in school. I forgot how much easier just having one child is. Aeryn will start preschool on September 11th, and for 3 weeks I will actually have 2 hours twice a week, solely to myself. What will I do? Probably clean the house :( !! Who knows, maybe a little scrapbooking! Anyways, back to Ellie. She very quickly made friends with a cute girl named Anna. They are both fairly shy and seem to fit together really well. They do most of the class activities together and play together during recess.

The morning of Ellie's first day, Aeryn woke up very sad. She wanted to go to school with Ellie. She wanted to even go to her own school. It is hard for her to understand that she still has to wait 2 weeks before she begins. She wants so badly to be a "big girl" like Ellie. But then sometimes she says she is a baby and wants to be "snuggled". I love this picture of the two of them. Ellie posed them for this picture. I thought it sure turned out cute!!


j janell cf said...

they are so cute--i have to say, ellie looks EXACTLY like you! it is so adorable! i go in spurts with my blogging, but i'm trying to be more consistent. i'm finding it can be a little addicting. i definitely need to post some more pictures of my two cute boys. joshua starts pre-school up again this week--but he's going 4 afternoons a week, so it's very kindergarten-ish. crazy! i can't believe he'll be 5!! that's old! does this mean you're back in utah?!?

alliatwood said...

Wow! I can't believe she is such a big girl. They look so cute and I am so glad Ellie has made a friend. I miss them like crazy!

Melissa said...

Thats great that she likes Kindergarten so much! She looked so cute in her picture. How in the world are our kids getting so old so quick? I'm sure the break will be wonderful for you!

TyandJorja said...

They are so cute! I'm glad Ellie is enjoying kindergarten. Abby is having a great time also. 2 days down, a whole bunch to go! I'm glad they are having fun! I'll try and get some pics up on our blog of Abby's first day.
Talk to you soon!