Sunday, July 15, 2007

I hate bubblegum!!!

When i got home from work the other day...we got Aeryn up from her nap and she had a big wad of gum in her hair. No one has any idea where it came from. She didn't have any gum when she went down for her nap. Travis was a wonderful dad and got out the ice and very patiently got the gum out with very little cutting. i was ready to get the scissors at the start and cut out the gum. Thank heavens for Travis' patience!! He is a really good dad!!

Look at that disgusting blob of gum!!! ARGHHHH!!!


alliatwood said...

Poor Aeryn ... such a good girl to just sit and color!

Melissa said...

The joys of bubble gum! I remember when I was little I got bubble gum stuck in my bangs the morning of school picture day. I didn't want my mom to know so I got the scissors and cut the gum out. My hair sure looked horrible for those pictures!

amber said...

Carly, your girls are so beautiful! I can't even imagine how fun your house is with all the giggling :)

alliatwood said...

Oh I just recalled getting silly putty stuck in my hair when i was younger. Remember how Robbie would put it in his ears while he swam? I wanted to do the same but I didn't realize he didn't split the wad in half and use it all. I think all mom had was a razor to get it out. Talk about a hack job!