Saturday, November 3, 2007


Halloween was a fun time in our house. After changing her mind many times, Ellie decided to be Sleeping Beauty and Aeryn was going to be Genevieve from Barbie...12 Dancing Princesses. We got really cute costumes and the girls looked great. Xander was going to be the standard newborn pumpkin.

That night, I told the girls it was time to get their costumes on after we had carved our pumpkins. We were going over to Grammies house before we went Trick or Treating. At that moment Ellie told me she didn't want to be Sleeping Beauty anymore. She wanted to wear a poodle skirt that my mom had made for my sister Allison when she was young. So that is what we did. She put on the poodle skirt, a t-shirt, her sweater that she wears everyday, and then my mom found a scarf to put in her hair. She looked SOOOO cute. Like she was right out of the 50's. She was a perfect "poodle girl" as she calls it. It was very fun.

Here is a few more photo's of the kids on Halloween.

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Allison said...

They look so darling ... Ellie, such a diva. I love bith costumes but i think i like the poodke girl more!