Friday, October 5, 2007

Xander is one week old today!!!

After one week, we are still surviving the excitement of a new baby. Thank heavens that I have my mom and dad around to help me with the girls while Travis has been working and I have been trying to take care of Xander! I really couldn't have done it without my running the girls to and from school, girl scouts, gymnastics, and all the other activities that go on. My mom is also become the queen of doing hair (and that is not very easy with the amount of hair that Ellie has). I really can't express the gratitude that I have for my mom and all that she is doing for me. She never makes me feel bad for all the time that I spend feeding Xander, pumping, taking naps, and needing to sit and rest to let my c-section scar heal up!! I really love her and my girls do to!!

My sister has requested that I upload some more photo's of Xander. So here they are!!

Xander wasn't sure how he felt about his first bath at home!! The girls loved assisting with his bath!!

The girls love holding and being with their brother. They are sweet and gentle with him. They have had great experiences with babies while Gavin, their cousin, was also living here with my parents!!

Aeryn wanted to hold Xander tonight while we were all sitting and watching T.V. She actually held him for about 30 minutes. And he was awake the whole time. He just hung out in her arms. I kept asking if she wanted me to take him back, but she just wanted to hold him. She was sad when she had to put him down when it was bed time for her!!

Our little Pumpkin!! I know that he is quite orange/yellow! He is a little jaundiced and it is working out of his body. Not a big deal! He is so cute!! He really is such a great baby! He barely cries...when he is hungry, he just grunts!! He has a perfectly round head and I love it!! It is so cute!! I hope that you have enjoyed these pictures!


Rob Au said...

Look at this way... Halloween is almost here so you can dress him up as a pumpkin! Best part... no need for face paint! ;)

He is a very handsome little man. He looks older than one week! Very handsome.

alliatwood said...

Wow! He and Aeryn look so much alike. Thank you so much for putting up those pics! I can't wait to meet him!

The Au Family said...

He is so perfect! I love that last picture of him. Although, looking back, I remember how much I hated giving those first baths! Thankfully Rob did many of them for me. I was always so nervous. Excited to come see you guys soon (especially Xander).